One Shot  —  Service

One Shot celebrates the fragile beauty of analog by commissioning photographers to shoot new and exclusive work that we turn into limited-edition prints. Each One Shot photo is printed in an edition of one and sold sight unseen — meaning that buyers won’t know what the shots look like until after they’ve purchased them. After the prints are made, the negatives are destroyed. So no reprints. Ever.


Selected One Shots  —  Each Edition we gave the photographer(s) a one-word brief which they could give their unique interpretation to. 

Edition Three — "Friendship" 01 by Johan Kramer

Edition Three — "Friendship" 06 by Olya OIeinic

Edition Three — "Friendship" 18 by Lotte van Raalte

Edition One — "Meat" 06 by Brian Finke

Edition Three — "Friendship" 26 by Johan Kramer

Edition Two — "Ocean" 27 by Jeff Luker

One Shot - Key VisualOne Shot - Key Visual

Branding  —  Packaging, zine, website

Each print owner receives a zine which includes an overview of the One Shot Edition, a Q&A with the photographer and an essay from the founders.

Exhibition  —  One-Night-Only

For Edition Three, we handed empty rolls of film to photographers Lotte van Raalte, Johan Kramer and Olya Oleinic and sent them into the world to capture a sequence of analog snaps. The 70 prints were revealed during a one-night-only exhibition at NewWerktheater in Amsterdam.

Prints that had been sold beforehand were displayed alongside the remaining unsold prints, which remained a mystery until purchased. They were then flipped for the crowd to see. 

One Shot  —  Behind the scenes

Q: How did it feel to shoot a roll knowing there would be no chance to edit and every shot would go into the world? A: "Felt good, strange, fun. I would say that I was definitely more decisive about each frame I made, but still had the same laser focus." —  Brian Finke

Credits  —  One Shot
Zack McDonald, Zorica Radovic