One Shot  —  Service

One Shot is a growing platform that sells museum quality prints of exclusive photos made by world-class photographers. Each One Shot photo is printed in an edition of one and sold sight unseen — meaning that buyers won’t know what the shots look like until after they’ve purchased them. After the prints are made, the negatives are destroyed. So no reprints. Ever.

Sold out  —  In less than 36 hours

24 1/1 shots by Brian Finke were sold out in less than 36 hours. Each print owner also received a zine which included an overview of One Shot Edition One, a Q&A with Brian Finke and an essay.

One Shot  —  Behind the scenes

Q: How did it feel to shoot a roll knowing there would be no chance to edit and every shot would go into the world? A: "Felt good, strange, fun. I would say that I was definitely more decisive about each frame I made, but still had the same laser focus." —  Brian Finke

Credits  —  One Shot
Zack McDonald, Brian Finke, Zorica Radovic, Herman Forsman, Eva Koster, Bas van de Poel