Block  —  Product

Block is a luxury product which helps you break away from the constant distractions of your phone. It functions as a Faraday cage: stack up to six phones in the cage, close it, and all phones will be disconnected from their networks enabling you to be present in the moment. 


Block is tested at T-Mobile’s lab, in extremely close vicinity to the latest telecom antennas.

Block is part of the emerging “disconnect-trend” and aims to help people find more balance with their analogue and digital lives by functioning as a break from the connected society. We strongly believe that “disconnect” will become the new luxury.

Credits  —  Block
Bas van de Poel, Ernst Koning, Fabian Sapthu, Sidney Vollmer

More about Block:
Block is available at The School of LifeXBANK,
Misc-Store and others.