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Kobe Bryant often said the work he was most proud of was passing on his Mamba Mentality to the next generation. 

We partnered with Nike to continue Kobe’s legacy with Mamba Week: A comprehensive 5-day journey that unpacks Kobe's mentality. Each day represented one of Mamba’s values: Passion, Focus, Honesty, Fearless, Optimism. Together, it added up to a week dedicated to inspire a younger generation to be better today than they were yesterday.

Mamba Mentality3Mamba Mentality3

Mamba Mentors  —  Social films 

Athletes mentored directly by Kobe passed on their Mamba Mentality wisdom.

Feel/Do  —  Films, Articles, Activities

Consumers were able to put their Mamba Mentality to work across Nike's ecosystem — .com, Nike app, training, running, and learning ways to start being better, right away.

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